Advlog 5- Table Mountain- Left Face ‘B’ Route

Michael Hodgson and Chris Fisher trying out a different route up Table Mountain, Cape Town. Join us as we ascend table mountain on the Left Face using the ‘B’ route so as to eliminate the necessity of ropes.

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I love the outdoors which is why I love living in Cape Town!

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  1. Hi Chris. That was awsome!!! Phew I am tired just watching! Thanks for your email that led me here to be inspired! I need to update my profile. I do love hiking and the outdoors… but not at the pace you guys do it! Our common interest in our beautiful city and sharing it with the world is enough.So Yipeee for finding you. It’s great to find a fellow blogger on Cape Town. Thank you for your support and adding me to your blogroll. Will be sure to do the same and will share you on my personal facebook page as well. I am still trying to get folks to “Like” my Mother City Magic Facebook Page and as soon as its going (published) I will share your videos there as well. super idea and looking forward to blogging with you. When I slow down I will be sure to check out your other posts. We are also trying to get an international link up with bloggers going to show and promote our beautiful City!

    Living the Cape Town Vibe


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