WCAD Series 1 Franschhoek AR

The first WCAD Series Adventure Race of 2012 took place on 4 February in the Franschhoek mountains. All 5 Races in the 2012 WCAD Series have 60 and 100km options. Participants were challenged to some of the toughest conditions yet experienced in any of the prior races to date.

This race started off with a monster trek through some of the most beautiful mountains imaginable but the scorching heat and unrelenting terrain took it out of most competitors, some even dropped out before the MTB leg but a few brave souls carried on into the night in a display of determination! WELL DONE!!!

Unfortunately this route was too tough even for the go-pro battery so there is little footage of the mtb leg but rest assured… more than a full day of adventure was had by all!

Music: “Woza December” (instrumental) by Gang of Instrumentals
Footage by: Heiko Redecker, Chris Fisher, Julia Tomas

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I love the outdoors which is why I love living in Cape Town!

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  1. Some great footage!

  2. Awesome fish!

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