WCAD Series 3: Grabouw AR

The 3rd leg of the 2012 WCAD Series took place in the beautiful Grabouw Valley on 2 June 2012. With 50 and 100km course options, all competitors were tested with challenging navigation through the undulating landscape but the breathtaking scenery made the challenge worth while! Thanks to Glenbrae, Mofam, Buttonquail, Macdaddy’s and all the farms involved for your hospitality! Special thanks to The Rust brothers for all their hard work and local knowledge! Hope to see you all at the next race on 28 July 2012 in Kleinmond.

Ben Howard-The Fear
OneRepublic- Marchin’ on


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  1. A truely awesome video of a magnificent day! Thanks CHRIS! We have watched it OVER AND OVER AND OVER again! WCAD adventure racing is a great way to spend your weekend. We are thoroughly HOOKED. Thanks again to Steve, Chris, WCAD and all responsible for this amazing initiative. This sport is certainly going to burst out of its seams in NO TIME!

    • Thanks Ewan… Your response is why we do this! Thanks for always showing up at the WCAD Races….POTROT definitely has one of the highest attendance rates. Also really helps to have competitors that interact with the camera!!

  2. Hi Chris. This was fantastic to watch!!! Loved it and loved the music. Camera work is fantastico!! wish I was there with my lil Canon to get some shots… I am moving to Grabouw soon, so really enjoyed this. Shared it to my facebook wall. Will get back to blogging soon on my CT blog. Thanks for taking me along for the ride…amazing!

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