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TRAIN (ing) Run

Just for fun, we caught the train from Claremont out to Kalk Bay and ran back along the top of the mountains. Cape Town is a beautiful place to live and we should all take more advantage of our pristine surroundings!

Runners: Chris Fisher, Nick Carkeek, Quintin Smith

Music: Explosions in the Sky- Trembling hands

Advlog 8- Table Mountain Challenge 2011

A competitor’s view of the Table Mountain Challenge that took place on 17 September 2011. TMC is a 37km Trail Run that circumnavigates the iconic Table Mountain in Cape Town, Souths Africa. The 2011 event was dominated by the international presence Team Salomon with Kilian Jornet smashing the record to take the win in a time of 3h41min.

Advlog 5- Table Mountain- Left Face ‘B’ Route

Michael Hodgson and Chris Fisher trying out a different route up Table Mountain, Cape Town. Join us as we ascend table mountain on the Left Face using the ‘B’ route so as to eliminate the necessity of ropes.

Advlog 1- Rhodes Memorial MTB (Table Mountain)

This edition of Advlog takes you on a little MTB ride up above Rhodes Memorial on the slopes of Table Mountain. We ride up the roads and down the single track.